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The Chattaway – Restaurant Menu

A great many restaurants have similar menus, and part of that is because many restaurants have to cater to the tastes of the patrons who visit their eating establishments. While we have a similar restaurant menu to a great many eateries around us, there are a number of things that set our establishment apart. First, we are located just off the Pinellas Trail, and second is that our restaurant is well hidden and obscured from view so it gives a semblance of privacy to those who want to eat in a nice quiet place that feels comfortable and natural.

Peruse our restaurant menu and order what you fancy

our menu

Being located near downtown St. Petersburg makes it a convenient escape in the middle of the work day, or during the weekend. We encourage you to peruse through our restaurant menu and see if there is something that works for you. We do have a bit of a different take on the standard american pub menu, because we have an English background and make things just a little bit different. If you are feeling curious, give us a try.

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