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Local Casual Restaurants – The Chattaway

Eating at restaurants is something that thousands of people do every day, and in a cosmopolitan area like St. Petersburg there is such a diversity of choice that you will always find something that appeals to you. If you are tired of the same old places for lunch, then get on your running clothes and head down the Pinellas Trail to The Chattaway and discover a little piece of paradise in St. Petersburg. Because there are so many restaurants in the city there is a lot of competition for places to dine out, and there are a fair few that offer live music as well as we do.

Good restaurants to eat at locally


However, if you are looking through restaurants and noticing a lack of places that have a good area to eat that is out doors, then we suggest you try a place that feels like a garden. If you have ever been on a picnic, imagine that sort of atmosphere with live music and a nice umbrella overhead keeping the worst of the elements from your face. Our place has outdoor dining as well as a bar so that you can relax outdoors with a nice cool beer and a well cooked burger.

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