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Discover Local Places To Eat In St. Petersburg

Modern living is full of luxury for those of us who are able to live in such a nice place as St. Petersburg. We are right off some of the best beaches in the country, close to others and are in an environment that never really gets cold by most of the world’s standards. Additionally, we are home to one of the most diverse populations outside of the really big cities. Our population is also growing, so there is a constant influx in new tastes and places to eat as well as fashion in the area. But you know this already, and you want to know why you should come to The Chattaway instead of going to anywhere else.

You have lots of options for places to eat – take advantage!

places to eat

Because there is such a diverse population of places to eat you are not really starved for choices here. However, our sales pitch goes something like this: we are owned by a British family and this restaurant has now been operated by three generations, so you are coming to a truly family owned place. Additionally, you are going to get a bit of English flavor in your food, while enjoying one of the most scenic environments that is actually within the city limits.

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