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koy-pondThe Chattaway, St. Pete’s Famous Restaurants

There are many famous restaurants in Tampa Bay.  We have steak houses that have been featured on nationally syndicated television shows and we have been home to one of the most diverse and growing populations in the country.  However, where St. Petersburg is concerned, we have our own fame to account for.  We possess hand rolled cigars, unique beaches and water activities.  We also have our own particular and locally famous restaurants that those in the know are familiar with.  The Chattaway is one such example, and is a prime example of how our niche in the country has been growing more diverse over the past decades.

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We are owned by English ex-pats and still celebrate national holidays for the British Isles.  We also infuse our menu with a bit of home flavor so you can come to a place and get a unique flavor pallet.  Additionally, the design of our restaurant is second to none in terms of concept and production, so if you want to go somewhere festooned with lights and an outdoors environment, then you will not find anywhere quite so organic as ours.  That we are confident of.

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