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Casual Dining For You in St. Pete

If you are a fan of shorts and t-shirts and detest putting on a suit to go out for a meal, then you have plenty of options for you.  Sure, you could go to the big casual chains that have the same menus and similar flavors, or you could go to a hole in the wall or a pub that has casual dining with beer, but why don’t you try something that is a bit more fun and a lot nicer?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your lunch or dinner in a place that didn’t feel like every other restaurant or feel like a place to just get drunk and not really enjoy your food?

casual diningCasual dining at its finest

The Chattaway has the answer that you are looking for.  One of the big reasons we designed our restaurant to be an outdoor dining experience, was that we want to be able to truly enjoy our climate and the best way to do so is to immerse yourself in it.  Our restaurant has been covered with plants to provide shade and help with breezes and with lights on at night, it gives our patio a cool aesthetic.  So you can wear your shorts and t-shirts and enjoy casual dining and feel good about it.

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